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Author Interview with Morgan Leshay

Morgan Leshay, a Georgia native, resides in the North Georgia mountains – with her husband, six kids, and a chihuahua named “Pocket”. When not otherwise engaged in generating new and exciting romance novel concepts she spends her time catching up mountains of housework neglected while writing!


Okay, that just sounds stuffy, don’t it? Who am I really?

Most days, I’m just a mom, housewife, teacher, and a dreamer…maybe some of you can relate to that. 🙂 I’m a normal person just like anyone else, except my “bad hair days” are usually “atrocious hair days” and my schedule is a little backward to the rest of humanity. While the rest of the world around me sleeps, I work. When they are working, I sleep…about one level above dead, LOL.

Author Interview with Morgan Lesha...

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Promo: Billy Killdeere (2nd edition) by Lee Aaron Wilson

Billy Killdeere (2nd edition)
by Lee Aaron Wilson

Genre: Western Romantic Historical Fiction
Demographic: Adults
Release Date: 2/25/08
Publisher: Treble Heart Books

ISBN: 978-1-932695-670
Price: $13.50
Author URL:
Publisher URL:

# Pages: 267
Photographs: None
Index: No
Bibliography: No
Bindery: Perfect-bound Paperback

AUTHOR BIO: Lee Aaron Wilson

Lee Aaron Wilson comes from a long line of storytellers who went West as guides, scouts, lawmen and outlaws after the Civil War. After many years as a Criminal Psychologist, Lee settled down to write in Arizona. Billy Killdeere is his third book.

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