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Real Writers Don’t Use Semicolons!

Okay, so the title isn’t exactly true. Bear with me… or if you prefer, bare with me. I don’t mind a little nudity now and then. Just keep the arse off the leather, man. Off the leather. (inside joke)

I DO NOT edit my blog posts as much as I should, usually in too big of a hurry to get the information out, so yes, sometimes I make mistakes. We all do.

I say this, because if I didn’t say it, sometimes some wise ass will come along and tell me where I dropped a comma or used too many periods in my ellipses, and of course, they always spell it ellipsis. When they insult my writing and editing, they should at least take the time to use the proper words. Plus, they aren’t periods unless they are being used as periods: like, you know, at the end of a sentence and such...

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Today’s it’s time for an installment of an old column I used to write from a few years back that I’ve decided to start up again. If you like this, click over in the categories for the category entitled: DOTS & DASHES, and you can see all of the Q&A stuff without having to sort through my personal blog posts (this is the only one as of 5/5, but give me time, and there’ll be more!)

Today, we tackle in DOTS & DASHES some of the most frequently asked questions by freelance writers, particularly those who are learning to write for web content versus print, and some of their questions as new freelance writers. We hope these Q&As will be most helpful, and I present them here for your edification (no, Gregg, that doesn’t mean you get to eat something).



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