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Writing Short Stories?

I had a friend, who is writing her first novel, recently ask me if writing short stories was a good idea for a writer. The honest answer is, I don’t know, but the more I thought on it, the more I do think it’s a good idea.

Writing short stories and getting them published is a good thing for many reasons, in my opinion, particularly if you can get those short stories published in a paying market of any kind, online or otherwise, but excluding internet ‘content’ sites.

There are a ton of short story internet sites now that are paying anywhere from $10 to as much as $1500-2500 bucks for one quality short story. There are also anthologies that are paying to publish shorts too.

Now, anthologies are essentially books that are full novel sized books, but instead of one story, it contains several short stories, usually by more than one author (not always). There are several different ways payment for anthologies work.

Books like the Chicken ...

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