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BOOK REVIEW: SKY JUMPERS, by Peggy Eddelman (Random House/debut novel)

51h-7VOiXVL._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_Take-aways: If you liked THE HUNGER GAMES, you’ll love SKY JUMPERS with a similar voice and feel, strong female lead and male supporting characters, but without all the violence and death.
SKY JUMPERS is a middle-grade debut novel by Peggy Eddelman. Why read a middle-grade novel? For me, it’s probably the same reason some adults read YA and Urban Fantasy marketed to adult teens and 20-somethings. It’s good fiction, but with middle-grade, you lose the angst, cursing and sexuality of it; there’s a kind of pure innocence.

For example, in one scene of SKY JUMPERS, our protagonist, Hope, is fighting a bandit. Now, when she had a chance to do her bandit in, to actually kill him, she stops and says, “I don’t want you to die.” If I were a twelve-year-old child trying to save my city and family in a post-apocalyptic world, I might have done something similar to what Hope did. In a YA or adult novel, she’d have “killed him dead” and not thought a thing about it.

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THREE, by Michelle Devon–The Polyamory Light Erotic Romance Series

Today, THREE: A Family Affair, book one of THREE series of polyarmous erotic novellas (the characters in the book are polyamorous–the books themselves, not so much. Well, I mean, more than one person can love the books, I hope, but the books themselves, alas, are incapable of reciprocating feelings… then again, they are electronic books, so if you get in the tub with your Kindle and forget to unplug it, and you drop it in the tub, the ‘book’ might cause you to feel something. Am I digressing? Yes, indeed, I do believe I’m digressing.)

Let’s start this over again: Today, THREE: A Family Affair and THREE: Monogamy Multiplied, Books 1 & 2 in the THREE erotica series are both absolutely FREE. You can get book one free all the time. Book 2, however, has never been free before and it will never be free again. Then, when you devour both of these (and I do hope you will), book three in the series, THREE: The Threesome, is ready for you to pick up and suckle some too.

Today, I thought I’d share a short excerpt from each book ( a completely PG or cleaner excerpt–the books are NOT PG or cleaner, trust me on this ), and then leave you with the working title and working cover for the fourth book. Enjoy…


THREE: A Family Affair

An Excerpt by Michelle D...

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Fated Family–Not My Usual Style

So today, Fate Family is up on Amazon, and it’s already jumped up into the 20k range on sales. I’d like to see it go higher–I know it can go higher–but I have to get the word out that it’s available–so here you go: it’s available! This one isn’t like my other novellas… though the people who helped me edit it, all four of them said it was my voice, that they could clearly hear my voice in it, and they all were left with a feel-good moment about humanity. Hey, now that’s a good thing for a novella to do.

Derek Odom proofread the story for me, and this is one that, admittedly, a man like him probably wouldn’t have picked up on his own, but he admitted to me that the ending had him grinning from ear to ear...

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quick scam warning for

They’re at it again… read more here:

And here:


And my blog post earlier this year about it here:


Please don’t fall victim to this scamming site. Read the email they sent me today by downloading the PDF copy of it here.



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Virtual Fun, Drinking Fun and a Blow Fish

So far, I’ve finished about half of my book tour with Walker Author Tours. I’ve been having a lot of fun. Today, Cindy Gunnin posted a review of Celeste that made my day. I also got an interview posted by Mary Beth Magee, which is really quite… I don’t know. It made me feel… well, like she was talking about someone else. I guess I don’t really see myself the way others see me. I know I’m a survivor. I know I fight and struggle and keep on going, but I just don’t see myself in the same light as this interview made me feel. I read it and thought, “Man, I’d like to meet that person.”

Isn’t it strange how we do that to ourselves? I dunno… being an author, I’ve long known that people would talk about me (and my stories) who didn’t know me. I accepted that it wouldn’t all be roses, and it hasn’t been. I’ve been slammed–both as an author and as a person–and for some reason, that’s always easier to take than when they say the nice things. I really suck at taking a compliment, but I’ve gotten better than in my past. In my past, I would argue with people who said nice things about me. Now, I simply accept it and smile and gratiously (I hope) accept the compliment.

I learned a while back that I can also say, “I’m very glad you think so…” and be telling the truth! Ha! But it is true. I AM glad someone thinks so, even if I cannot always feel the same.

Please stop by both those links and leave comments for the bloggers. They are awesome for doing what they do for authors with little to no compensation for themselves. They deserve comment love, at the very least.

I’ve also put up a very short excerpt of ABDUCTED on Lilah Harding’s blog here. I am really looking forward to releasing this one...

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Michelle Devon and Celeste Take a Virtual Book Tour with Walker Author Tours

Author Michelle Devon will participate in a three-week book blog tour presented by Walker Author Tours for her new novella, Celeste.

Folsom, USA – Walker Author Tours continues to bring authors to the attention of readers everywhere via virtual book tours. Now they present a three-week-long online book blog tour for Michelle Devon’s suspenseful novella, Celeste. This book tour includes stops at various book blogs all over the internet where readers will find reviews, author interviews, and blog posts by the author. Virtual book tours are a convenient and entertaining way to discover the latest books and learn about authors.

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All Sorts of Falling


So the other day I had to go to the doctor. Yeah, I know, nothing new for me, right? Well, while I was there, we went through the regular questions… every time I go to the doc, no matter which specialist I’m going to see, they always do the same basic measurements and ask the same basic questions: weight, height, temperature, heart rate and pulse ox–then the questions: Are you in any pain today? Rate your level of pain from 1-10, with one being the least and 10 being the worst pain you’ve ever felt. Where is your pain? What medication are you taking? Why are you here today? And lastly, have you fallen any time within the past year.

Unfortunately, I have to answer yes to that. I’ve actually fallen three times in the past year, one time badly enough to require going in for x-rays–fortunately, nothing was broken. So I tell her I’ve fallen, and she says okay, and then she finishes stuff in the computer, asks a few more questions, leaves the room and we wait for 17 minutes alone. Then, the doctor comes in and we were talking to the doctor, and now, about 20 minutes after the nurse left, she comes back in and says she has to put a yellow ‘fall risk’ bracelet on me.

Now, wait a minute… 1) I’m in a wheelchair...

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Celeste is Free This Weekend!

All weekend long, my novella, CELESTE, by Michelle Devon, is free! has listed it for free for the entire weekend, and I’m very excited to see I’ve already reached a couple of their best sellers lists. For example, I made it to #4 in best selling short fiction and #11 in thrillers/suspense. I made it to #304 overall too, but that’s not quite high enough and I’m already dropping this morning!

If you enjoy shorter reads, this one about 55 pages long, that will keep you guessing until the end, then please consider picking up my novella today! Share the links to it with your friends and have them pick up a copy too, and if you feel so compelled, I would love an honest review of my work too.

Thanks for everyone who helped me get to this point! Ya’ll rock!

Love and stuff,

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You CAN Make a Living Writing

See the PS for an explanation of this image. For now, just think about it while reading.

When I was a kid, I was a daydreamer. I could sit and stare out a window and make up a story while everything else in the world went on in real life around me. I could get lost in the fantasy that was as real to me as anything going on outside the fantasy. The people I created were real to me. It was the same with books I read too. The characters were friends, people I liked or hated, enemies I feared. When at school during the day, I thought of them. I wondered at what they were doing when I was stuck in class with nothing to do. I was a good student, but a bored one. I loved school in general, but hated it too, for very different reasons.


Anyway, my mother used to tell me that I would...

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Busy Bee and Some New Novellas

There they are, all in one place, if you want to buy them. I really would love to recommend CELESTE, and THREE, because they are great novellas. The others are little shorts you might enjoy that I wrote about seven or eight years ago… if you get a chance, grab your copy, please!


I’ll be back with a great blog soon… right now, we’re getting ready to send Elements of Life off to the printer, so it’s busy, busy editing time!


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