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A Little Bit of Ugly

I’ve recently read a few articles, on the internet, that talk about whether or not writers should join networking groups, critique groups, writers forums, etc. Since I own a writing forum, I am curious and interested in these things. I have begun to wonder some whether or not joining a writers forum, if I didn’t own one, would be the right thing for me to do. I think there are many who use forums as an escape from writing, rather than a place to learn about writing. I suppose that’s OK, if and only if the writer keeps writing.

Another thing I’ve noticed is this: there aren’t a lot of best selling authors on writers forums. Whether that is by design or intention, I do not know. I mean, if a writer makes it big, do they simple resign from all forums and their presence among the lowly unpublished or woefully underpublished amongst us becomes a bane? If you became a best-selling author, would you still participate in writing forums? I wonder if, perhaps, its tel...

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Did Ya'll Know I'm An Editor?

For those who don’t know – I am a published author, and I am a professional editor by trade. Freelance, that is. I don’t work for nobody (and I don’t edit my blogs, so don’t go there!) So, from time to time you might hear me ranting about a book I have worked on in the past. That’s the case today…

Some things I thought would be self explanatory in doing a book, right? Wrong!

Something as simple as chapters – check out what is going on in this new book I’m editing. Check out how these chapters are labeled – and no, I’m not making this up – I cut and pasted from the book directly:

  • Chapter One (so far so good)
  • Chapter Two ...
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