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On Death & Dying & Family

Probably the biggest and scariest challenge most people face is their own mortality. Death–the great unknown. We can’t really know what happens when we die. There are a lot of people who have concepts, ideas, hopes… religions try to tell us what to expect, but there are so many differing stories, and it’s unlikely they are all right (not that it isn’t possible for an infinite universe to let them all be right).

My oldest uncle had a heart attack last week. It was a big one, quadruple bypass, talk about power of attorney, bleeding out, coding on the table. I’ve never been close to this uncle, though I did used to play with his kids, my cousins, when we were all younger. I never got to know him that well, though he has mellowed out some in his older years. I believe he is 64 years old, which, by many standards, isn’t all that old, but it’s still not all that young either. My mother is a couple of years younger than him, my father the same age as he is, and he is lying in a hospital bed with a central line and hooked up to tubes having been cut up and brought back to life.

I learned of this the day we were set to drive ...

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