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Pain & Fear

One of my little secrets that I’ll share with you that many people already know about me is that I don’t watch television. A lot of people, dare I say MOST people, do watch television. It’s not that I can’t watch TV. It’s really not a political statement or a decision as much as it is that I just have this addiction to my work, to writing and to the internet, so there’s rarely time for television. I sometimes have the television on, but for the most part, I only watch the commercials. There was a time I thought I could really write good commercials. The point of all this is, there is one guilty pleasure on television for me: HOUSE.

And the point of this is to bring about a line that was said on HOUSE: Pain makes you make bad choices.


I take that line a step further to say ...

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Bagels, Cream Cheese, and Whine

Third day at the cabin in Colorado, up in the mountains, and the snow, the wind, the lack of my normal routine and missing my work and my life all culminated in my sitting here writing this post in tears. *WHINE* warning.Read More