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Surround Yourself with People Who…

Recently, there was a letter sent to someone that pertained to my son. In this letter, the person who wrote it advised the recipient to teach my son some things about how he should interact with his peers. She commented on some of his personality traits and told the recipient of the letter to advise my son not to do those things if he wants to have/make friends when he goes back to high school next year instead of being home schooled.

The letter triggered many things for me, but the biggest thing it triggered was the way I felt as a child when I was told I needed to conform to this or that. I was frequently told to quit daydreaming. Well, my daydreaming has turned into the fiction I write and I have been paid for writing, the career path I am currently on. If I had listened and stopped daydreaming, I wouldn’t be a writer today.

I’m quirky. I’m definitely ‘not’ normal, and for many years, I was told I had to conform to that norm. Go to college, get a job, work hard for 50+ years of my life, marry someone, have a couple of kids, and eventually die, hopefully sometime after the mortgage is paid off.

That path wasn’t for me.


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My Dog Likes Giggles

When I laugh, especially when I giggle, my dog, Jake (he’s a Blue Heeler/German Shepard mix), gets excited. He jumps and comes over and licks my face, even when I’m laughing at something other than him. He knows giggles mean fun and play and that laughter is happy and good. He gets happy too, wagging his tail, his ears perked up, and his eyes sparkle with what I can only assume is his own laughter. Dogs can’t laugh out loud, but I think they do on the inside.

When I’m sad, my dog, Jake, comes and kisses me by licking my face. When I’m crying, he’s gentle to me, licks me softly, doesn’t jump up on me. He will look at me with sad eyes, his ears slicked back, his tail down. He knows when I’m sad, even when I try to smile and play with him, when I’m sad, he doesn’t perk up to play. He knows.

Emotions are palpable...

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A Little Bit of Ugly

I’ve recently read a few articles, on the internet, that talk about whether or not writers should join networking groups, critique groups, writers forums, etc. Since I own a writing forum, I am curious and interested in these things. I have begun to wonder some whether or not joining a writers forum, if I didn’t own one, would be the right thing for me to do. I think there are many who use forums as an escape from writing, rather than a place to learn about writing. I suppose that’s OK, if and only if the writer keeps writing.

Another thing I’ve noticed is this: there aren’t a lot of best selling authors on writers forums. Whether that is by design or intention, I do not know. I mean, if a writer makes it big, do they simple resign from all forums and their presence among the lowly unpublished or woefully underpublished amongst us becomes a bane? If you became a best-selling author, would you still participate in writing forums? I wonder if, perhaps, its tel...

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I Eat Potato Chips

I try to eat healthy foods—organic, mostly vegetarian, low-sodium, so on and so forth—aspiring to be a health nut but not quite there yet, but I do have one guilty vice. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t really eat junk food.

So what’s the vice? Potato chips.

I don’t know why I like them. I’ve never really sat down and questioned it. I’m addicted, though, in the way a crack whore peddles her body to get more rock, I sell my soul for potato chips. It’s really quite embarrassing and completely melodramatic, but there you have it.

I cannot move past potato chips in the store without buying at least one bag.

Which wouldn’t be too bad, except, I take that ...

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Did Ya'll Know I'm An Editor?

For those who don’t know – I am a published author, and I am a professional editor by trade. Freelance, that is. I don’t work for nobody (and I don’t edit my blogs, so don’t go there!) So, from time to time you might hear me ranting about a book I have worked on in the past. That’s the case today…

Some things I thought would be self explanatory in doing a book, right? Wrong!

Something as simple as chapters – check out what is going on in this new book I’m editing. Check out how these chapters are labeled – and no, I’m not making this up – I cut and pasted from the book directly:

  • Chapter One (so far so good)
  • Chapter Two ...
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